Spinder waterbeds for dairy cows

Partnerstwo Groot Wassink z Zelhem (Holandia) wygrywa rabat na materace wodne

25 październik 2020

It has been six months since partnership Groot Wassink from Zelhem (NL) has installed the second series of waterbeds, this time in the dairy-barn. They bought the waterbeds from Spinder dealer Wensink, Ruurlo and had the good fortune to be drawn as the winners of a waterbed discount at the Agriflanders event in January this year. The 20€ discount per waterbed was a welcome windfall.

With a waterbed you buy 100% lifespan; the lying comfort is equally high from the first to the last day

Maatschap Groot Wassink is winnaar Spinder waterbedactie

The experience with waterbed in the dry cow section of the barn was very positive so the partnership decided to invest in waterbeds for the dairy cows too.  The lifespan of the existing matrasses in this barn was not as long as they hoped. “Over the years some of the matrasses developed ‘dents’ which made it more difficult to clean. Leaked milk would easily gather in these dents and the mattress  clearly became less comfortable for the cows.”

The convex shape of the waterbeds allows moisture to run off easily. Sand or deep litter in the cubicles was not chosen because of labor and maintenance. “With sand or deep litter the comfort for the cow is high, but so is maintenance, in hours and in money. For example, in sand ‘dunes’ are created that have to be leveled out every day. With waterbeds, you buy 100% lifespan; the lying comfort is equally high from the first to the last day. Cleaning the waterbeds is about the same as cleaning mattresses, little work.”

The cows took to the waterbeds quickly since they were already used to this comfort in the dry cow section. The last cubicles with mattresses will soon be converted into waterbeds, so that all cows of the partnership Groot Wassink can enjoy the optimum comfort of dual waterbeds.