Organic management is a contributory factor in barn construction and dairy housing equipment for dairy farmer Douwe Maat.

Douwe Maat - Luxwoude

18 marzec 2020

Dairy farmer Douwe Maat made some clear choices when he took over the farm from his parents. Not only regarding the design and construction of the new barn, but…

Farmer from Reitsum decides for Spinder Barn equipment

Marianne Deelstra - Reitsum (NL)

23 październik 2019

From calf to cow, Marianne Deelstra has provided each group with its own appropriate space, fitted out with Spinder barn fittings.

Boer in beeld: Jurain Kosters - Selsingen

Jurian Kosters - Selsingen (DE)

23 sierpień 2019

For the construction of his new barn, Jurian Kosters took a conscious look at the jobs that recur on a daily basis.